Final Piece Selection

I felt my strongest still images are the refined choices of Strabismus photographs ( and that they work coherently as a set of six in a vertical grid layout, although I would organise the layout of the images to alternate the defining line in each between vertical / horizontal for the presentation of the exhibition.
The rich colour tones link to my previous colour work and the images are an interesting way of representing a sight deficiency that I think the viewer could apply to their own daily perceptions. I feel they also show the technical ability required to manipulate images as well as working to enhance photographs on photoshop. The adaptation of digital images to film appearance also makes my work unique and for this reason I think they are not only an ascetically pleasing set of images, but strong and interesting too.

I would also like to use my Strabismus video ( as a moving image final piece, as not only do the stills and video link together, but I think the video is strong enough to stand alone as a final piece and adds the emotion that the photographs may lack. The contrast between colour stills and black and white film will also work to enhance each piece of work and again the recognisable landscape shots will allow the viewer to connect with the work.

Due to the recurring theme of technology and science throughout my work, I would like to present my blog at the exhibition, almost as a final piece in itself, as it represents how I have developed my work throughout the project and I feel it is important that the viewer interacts with the work as I would like them to appreciate the representation of sight deficiencies that they may be unaware of.


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