Exhibition / Benefits of Technology

Having a blog to present my work throughout this project has allowed me to not only channel modern technological advances in the enhancement and techniques I have used when creating the work (especially in the creation and display of my films) but has also enabled me to access a variety of different mediums and an abundance of information, resulting in an interesting development of my work and explore the coursework and exam in an entirely new way as a fully functional site.

My 3D Anaglyph images, for example, are digitally enhanced through the screen and there is a reduced chance of ink pigmentation on paper if the photographs were to be printed (digital copies are also more economically and environmentally friendly). Each image can also be viewed in 2 sizes, allowing the viewer to interact with the photo by clicking on the desired image then, then proceed through the series of images in a loop. The background of the ‘gallery’ is jet black, defining each image and enhancing the smaller details that may be lost on paper and in addition, the images are perfectly displayed in a grid of 3 x 6 which creates an accurate cohesion between each photograph.

Having an interactive site is a comprehensive alternative to a traditional sketchbook as it encourages the viewer to be involved with the work displayed, as well as having unlimited access to inspirational work on the internet, the moving image medium, a contemporary and professional layout. The use of technology as a sketchbook is also efficient as it has allowed me to:

  • use digital links in each ‘page’ (post) to link relating work together easily (i.e. my ‘3D Anaglyph’ images can be easily linked to the original ‘colour’ images)
  • easily add links from other sites to media sources such as images and film (Artist Research)
  • import media quickly and position it wherever I chose within the layout, as well as using the ‘format’ tool to change the layout of my page (some posts are ‘standard‘ so all information is apparent on the site, ‘gallery‘ posts allow me to create a series of images with a ‘see more’ option so some text is hidden until clicked on and ‘image‘ posts use lighter grey font to instigate the post is dedicated to the an image)
  • categorise ‘Exam‘ (The Alliance of the Eyes and the Brain) and ‘Memories‘ (coursework) work into two separate sections, allowing them to be clearly identified
  • create a ‘search’ function to allow users to find specific areas of my work
  • create a completely unique site that I consider interesting to explore as well as showing the development of my work throughout this subject and so much more

As the theme of technology is recurring throughout my blog (all my work is digitally presented (through photographs and film) I plan to incorporate an aspect of technology into the presentation of my work at the final exhibition. To do this, I have created a QR Code (below) which when scanned with a smartphone, will automatically take the user to my site where they can view it as a mobile app.

I also plan to have an interactive site open for the exhibition users to explore


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