Homonymous Hemianopsia (Visualised Video)

To extend my research into Homonymous Hemianopsia, I created a short film comprised of clips that are a ‘half image’ of the original (representing the effect the deficiency has on seeing the complete image). By selecting a material that was translucent to ‘split’ my lens, I could allow light (from the sun) to filter through at a variety of densities**. I chose to link the shots to my earlier colour work and filmed short macro clips of flowers along the walk that I chose for the Strabismus video.

It was when I started to create the film that I established an association between the shape of the material covering the lens and the shape of the sun or moon. As my exam images and films are predominantly based around sight, I chose to focus on the movement of the sun because it does only holds links with the science of photosynthesis and therefore the subject of the video (flowers) but light is essential for everyday sight and without the sun our sight would be severely reduced.

I began to adapt the video to not only represent the sight deficiency, but also the transition of the the sun from sunrise to sunset through a short film of only 45 seconds. I based the colour tones of the material creating the ‘split’ (the Homonymous Hemianopsia) on the diagram of the sun’s movement below, adapting the brightness intensity and colour tones to illustrate the sun moving in motion through the day and then included text (inspired by Duane Michals) to denoting the time of day, using the same size font at the start and end of day positioned where the sun would be in the sky (sunrise and sunset) and larger font in the centre to represent midday (when the sun is at it’s fullest).

**The translucent quality of the material I used to ‘split’ the lens of my camera also allowed me to regulate the light filtering through into the shot, which worked well in conjunction with the idea of the movement of the sun, as not only was the light filtering through created by the sun itself, but I could add another dimension to the video by selecting clips with an intense light for time during the middle of the day and clips with a less intense and darker light filter for periods of sunrise and sunset.

I chose to incorporate a soundtrack from the artist that is recurring throughout my work (Colleen) called ‘Golden Morning Breaks’ and coordinated transitions to instigate the sun rising and setting (fading from white in ‘sunrise’ and to black (with a vignette) to represent the oncoming darkness at sunset – night ) as in the diagram below.

Interestingly, I came across a prayer diagram that worked in conjunction with the sun’s movement in the sky which had links to my previous colour works based on the Gods.


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