Strabismus (Visualised Video)

As a continuation of my Strabismus work, I filmed a double series of 10 second shots (the extended duration of time that our eyes remain open before blinking) of an everyday walk as Cath. An. does in her work. I positioned the first shot straight ahead as my eyes saw the image, then the next slightly out of alignment in the second image t to represent the ‘split’ Strabismus can cause. Most shots use the strong line as a focal point, and I chose to explore filming in black and white to detract from the ‘normality’ of the location. I also continued to experiment with the film effect as it again adds another layer of interest and creates a continuation between my images and film.

I feel this is my strongest work so far, not only does it represent the deficiency but also has an abstract interest and creates an emotion that intensifies the effect of the deficiency. It almost reminds me of an old horror film due to the grainy quality and intense black and white contrast.


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