After viewing Jem Southam’s ‘Landscape Stories’ I chose my favourite images that represent a Landscape Story personal to me, as well as visually representing the sight deficiency Strabismus.

I found that the most effect Strabismus images were the ones with a strong, defining line through the image the allowed the viewer to clearly establish the partition through the image (i.e. the misalignment of the eyes when processing the images in the brain). I thought the subject of the photographs worked particularly well as even though they may not be intently interesting, the viewer can find interest in the split and in the ‘unseen’ where the split divides the image. I thought the neutral colours worked well within these images, but would like to explore using black and white as it detracts further from the ‘normality’ of the photograph and instead focuses the viewer onto the split.

I would also like to experiment with using film (inspired by Cath.An.) and this image below by
Jason Fulford. (See comment)

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  1. After shooting a role of film (I would continue with the images of landscapes as I feel they are both abstract and simplistic enough to manipulate without becoming overwhelming) I would like to scan the original image, then fold it to create a handmade line across the image. If I were to do this on images with a main subject focus, I could essentially create a ‘blind spot’ – another deficiency I intend to explore.

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