Artist Research – Jem Southam

I was attracted to Jem Southam’s ‘Landscape Stories’ and saw a reflection in the quality and colour tone of his landscape shots and my own Strabismus landscape images. Jem began shooting landscapes with a MPP 5″x4″ Field camera, but wasn’t pleased with the results, due to a high saturation in the colour. About 5 years later he worked with colour again and found materials that allowed him to produce the colour that he wanted within his images and ‘has not taken a black and white picture since’. In a similar motive to mine, Jem chose to shoot English landscapes because ‘it is what I know and where I live’. This is especially important continuing my work with ‘sight’ as I wanted the focus of my images to remain the landscapes I see during my everyday life.

‘The English landscape is an astonishingly complex place with an epic story to be told’ – Jem Southam

Jem described his artistic intentions as to explore how ‘our histories, memories and systems of knowledge combine to influence the places we visit, create and dream of.’ This again has links with my own work as our sight and sense are a great influence on our memories and the knowledge we possess.


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