The Alliance of the Eyes and Brain


– The human eye reacts to light

– It allows light perception, vision of colour (10 million colours) and the perception of depth

– Photosensitive

– Readjustment

– Adaption from initial darkness takes 4 seconds

– Contrast ratio between 6.5 f-stops to 20

– “The eye lens is not dissimilar to lenses found in optical instruments such as cameras”

– The pupil of the human eye is its aperture

– The iris serves as an aperture stop

– Dilation of the pupil (f/8.3) – light and (f/2.1) – dark

– Field of about 95˚ out,  75˚ down,  60˚ in,  60˚ up


– The visual system in the brain is too slow to process information if the images are moving across the retina at more than a few degrees per second – BLUR (video)

– Rapid eye movement – sleep stage when most vivid dreams occur (video) (neon PC) (colour explosion PC)

– ‘Saccades’ quick, simultaneous movements of both eyes in the same direction caused by the frontal lobe of the brain (video)

– ‘Microsaccades’ – they eyes drift even when looking at a single spot (video)

– Vestibulo-ocular reflex –  when the head moves left, so does the eye – alliance

– Smooth pursuit movement – tracking an object (video)

– Opokinetic reflex – when looking out of the window on a moving train the eye reverts to the point where it first saw the train (video)

– Near response – the adjustment to close range vision involves focus (video)

– Pupil constriction – lenses cannot refract light rays at their edges so all images are blurry round the edges (spherical aberration) (video)

– Strabismus / heterotropia – eyes aren’t alined

– Phosphene (characterised by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye)

Eye Defects

– Myopia (near sightedness) close objects are clear but the distant is blurred

– Hyperopia (far sightedness) close – blur, far – clear

– Colour Blindness – black and white images?

– Binocular vision (video)

– 3 dimension and 2 dimension


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