The alliance of the eyes and brain…

Sight. An abstract notion in itself and the basis of most photography. I have always had very good sight so have rarely experienced the distortion and abstraction created by visual defects (only during a migraine, when I get blurred vision) but the alliance of the eyes and the brain is of great fascination to me and I plan to explore not only how visual impairment can affect the images created by the eyes and brain, but also how we are restricted by our sight, how our perception of images are constructed due to ‘the way we see’ and the way our brain works, our conscious and unconscious awareness of sight and the representation of sight using photography and video. As I am the photographer and have good vision, I plan to use my own everyday life as the subjects of my images and videos, not only to give myself an insight into the impairment many others face but as the subject matter I am exploring is so wide and open to interpretation that a seemingly mundane subject creates a vivid contrast, as well as encouraging the audience to explore into the images I produce and potentially relate to their own lives and visual ability.


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