Exam – Alliances and Combinations

alliance (noun)

/əˈlaɪ.ənt s/

[C] a group of countries, political parties or people who have agreed to work together because of shared interests or aims

military alliance
NATO is sometimes called the Atlantic Alliance.

[C] an agreement to work with someone else to try to achieve the same thing

The three smaller parties have forged/formed an alliance against the government.
Some of us feel that the union is in alliance with management against us.
1.  association; coalition, combination, bloc; partnership; affiliation. Alliance, confederation, league 2.  pact, compact. 

combination (noun)

/ˌkɒm.bɪˈneɪ.ʃən/  /ˌkɑːm-/

[C or U] the mixture you get when two or more things are combined

Strawberries and cream – a perfect combination.
A combination of tiredness and boredom caused me to fall asleep.
This drug can be safely used in combination with other medicines.
Her experience and energy are a winning combination (= a successful mixture) in business.

[C] specialized an arrangement in a different order

From the letters X Y Z, we can get three combinations of two letters: XY, XZ, and YZ.

[C] a set of letters or numbers in a particular order which can be used to open some types of locks

1.  association, conjunction, union, coalescence, blending. 2. mixture, amalgamation, amalgam. 4.  association, federation,league, coalition, cartel, combine, monopoly, bloc, cabal,conspiracy. 

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