Refining Judgement

After reviewing my work within this project I have concluded that retracting from my new idea surrounding ‘The Surge of Electricity’ and reverting to my original work based upon memories and journeys will overall produce a stronger body of work as I find my best work is produced when I can develop it with a personal message. My most recent work epitomises the ‘memory’ and ‘journey’ themes as it evokes ideas of a lost soul – many of those who have seen my latest video have voiced ideas of ambiguity, life, death, family, innocence and most importantly, memory. All of these themes reflect the artist’s work I have studied, Dorothea Lange embodies the family ideal, Walker Evans sparked a sense of innocence and Sally Mann combines the two – all of the artists document the journey of life.

It is the journey of life that inspired my concluding video – the ending of the video symbolises the ongoing journey through life and I opted to include clips of video that is meaningful to myself – important events in my life and the people who have influenced it, such as my birthdays, family events and the birth of my brother. By combining these clips with film of journeys I have participated on in later life the video combines a surreal alliance of the past and the present and the repeated clips of fast – forwarding (showing the fast cutting pace of life and a sense of the ‘forgotten’) and an ambiguous ending there is a sense of the future too. I also selected a combination of colour hues and saturation – many of the past clips are brightly coloured reflecting childhood innocence and the saturated video adds another element of obscurity. It is the focus that I manipulated to intensify the overall ambiguity of the video, by juxtaposing constant changes between sharp focus and soft / out of focus shots the viewer can never fully establish what is ‘real’ and what is fantasy or the past.


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