Phillip Bell Inspiration

– Phillip Bell –

I chose these two images from Phillip Bell’s ‘Illustrated Bill of Rights’ graphic design work as I was drawn to the tonal colour composition of the pattern, I connected the deep blue and green within the first one into the representation of Autumn within my videography and the vibrant red and orange tones within the second image as a portrayal of Spring. (This is especially provoking as the video footage was infact filmed in one day, yet two contrasting seasons appear to be shown.)

Although Bell’s work is based on graphic design, I used video and photographic techniques to create a  ‘real life’ kaleidoscope layer within the video, overlapping a similar style development of my ‘Memories’ journey videography. Bell’s work encompasses the representation of the Bill of Rights within 10 graphic pictogram images and although his connections with culture is not what I am looking to represent within my work, the idea of identity and a unique depiction of identity is something I want to evoke through my pieces, instead of using clear visual human form, I have attempted to use a more ambiguous and abstract representation of an identity. – Phillip Bell


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