Duane Michals Inspiration

“It is no accident that you are reading this. I am making black marks on white paper. These marks are my thoughts, and although I do not know who you are reading this now, in some way the lines of our lives have intersected… For the length of these few sentences, we meet here.

It is no accident that you are reading this. This moment has been waiting for you, I have been waiting for you. Remember me.”

– Duane Michals –

It is Michal’s perception of identity that initially drew me to his series of photographic work and contextually, I interpreted his representation of people and their interaction with the supernatural in my own work surrounding the idea of memory. Visually, his manipulation of film to create areas of contrast and overexposure is the technique that most inspired my own work, as well as the use of grain and out of focus style to create ambiguity. His work is almost entirely composed of black and white and this enhances the sense of illusion, reducing the ability for the viewer to connect and interpret the image through colour limits the realism of the photograph and as I am looking at the consciousness of memories I feel his work can greatly influence my own.


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