{Shoot 2}

Although many of these images aesthetically pleasing, I do not feel they portray a sense of a story or background to make the image deeper that just a photograph. I felt the strongest image was when the model was positioned on the bench facing towards the camera as the light reflects the innocence of face and her expression – lips slightly parted and eyes opened wide seemed to reflect a caught off guard sense. The monochrome lack of colour creates an emotive contrast between the light and dark, especially in the image with the model looking out of the window with light reflecting onto her face, but a lot of detail is lost in the underexposure of her hair and the photograph could have been made stronger by adjusting the light or lighting her from behind to allow the minute details to be picked up.

I felt some images lost power and effect by the positioning of the model in the frame, in many I have cut of part of her face / hair / body and although in some images this presents a sense of ‘what else is happening outside the frame?’ in many it makes the image weaker and distracts the focus from the main subject of the image.

It is for this reason, that I find I cannot connect with my images surrounding the theme of ‘Fashion Photography’ and have decided to move towards a more emotive idea. (see ‘Change of Direction’ https://sarahelizaphotography.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/change-of-direction/ )


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