{Shoot 1}

Within this shoot, I tried to emulate the washed-out colour theme and over exposed light areas that drew me to the below Vogue image. I chose to use a female model and clothed her in an outfit that I felt complemented the environment I shot her in. I feel this works best when she is in the cornfield surrounding as the contrast of the neutral dress and nature and her dark hair depicts different emotions in the image.

My personal favourite image is the photograph when the camera is positioned furthest from the subject and allows 3 elements to be included within the image – the sunburst of light contrasted against the light blue sky (top)  / the strip of dark trees (middle)  / the sandy neutral colour tone of the field at the bottom of the image.

Although I wanted to have a washed out style image produced by film editing, I feel as though it distracts from the clothing and model, which therefore makes the image weak as a fashion photograph. I also think positioning the model distanced from the camera there is an expanse of focus on her surroundings and less upon the model herself.


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