Artist Research

Corinne Day is a British photographer whose influence on the style and perception of photography in the early 1990s has been immense…

Second Nature

Corrine Day – Second Nature

It was this stunning Vogue image that gave me inspiration for my first ‘fashion photography’ shoot. I was immediately drawn to the bold, powerful line through the image, juxtaposed with the fragile model, who’s fragility is reflected in the delicate leaves surrounding her. The way the branches of the tree bleed into the edge of the image creates an ambiguity, the viewer tries to read out from the image and a sense of depth is created; this is more than just a photograph to advertise a dress, it symbolises the vast and ever-growing nature of the fashion world. The use of light is another feature that makes the image so powerful, the somehow intricate yet harsh light infiltrating through the leaves and ground enhance the model’s pale skin tone and a balance of green and white creates a beautifully simplistic and enchanting image.


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